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Retinol ( R ) + Tissue Nutrients System ( T ) + Vitamins ( V ) = ( A ) Anti-Aging

Tuesday 15 April 2014

For decades, prescription retinols have been assumed to be the best Anti-aging “miracle active ingredient” to decrease the appearance of some of the concerns associated with the effects of aging.


We believe you need a formulation rather that just one ingredient if your desired end result is Anti-Aging.  It’s as simple as Retinol ( R ) + Tissue nutrients System  ( T ) + Vitamins ( V ) =   Anti- Aging  ( A ) or just

R + T + V= A.


Following almost two decades of medical research in wound healing, Skin Medica® has created a treatment that provides the skin with what it uses naturally to fight aging and this is called Growth factors. This exciting breakthrough is light years ahead of its competitors in terms of concentration, delivery and stability. It is no wonder that celebrities such as Bo Derek, Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Aniston, choose a powerful combination to an all in one solution.

Clinical research show that this powerful concentration with daily consistent use, will lead you to see significant  smoothing out of  wrinkles by building collagen, fading  sunspots , age spots and discolourations, as well as an improvement of skin texture and elasticity. This all is due to the increased rate of cell turnover, giving you a flawless, radiantly youthful complexion.

This wonderful Anti-Aging formulation is available at our Wembley Medispa.

(TNS Regeneration System.)


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