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The Exciting Benefits of Lamelle

Sunday 24 April 2016


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Lamelle Research Laboratories is a South African biotechnology research company that manufactures products that are innovative and evidenced based. Started in 2007, the founders have over 25 years of medical and pharmacy experience to bring a unique perspective to the industry.

Lamelle’s core business was originally in medical aesthetics, and has diversified into pharmacy; particularly fertility. All of Lamelle Research Laboratories’ products are developed through a rigorous programme of review, research and meticulous production.

Lamelle’s extensive success has come through its philosophy and commitment to the principle that all products developed must undergo a rigorous programme of review, research and meticulous production. This combined with the continual search and use of innovative patented ingredients and formulas and paramedical training has brought Lamelle success and will continue to be at the core of Lamelle’s progress.

Young Old Skin

LAMELLE ON ANTI-AGEING                                                                                        

Young skin is a marvel of repair and recovery. It stays smooth and resilient because it is able to nourish and heal itself from the inside out. However, all that work doesn’t happen magically. In fact, Growth Factors are behind the skin’s incredible ability to heal itself. As we age the Growth Factor levels in our bodies decrease. The consequence is skin damage and the visible signs of ageing – fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, loss of elasticity and roughness.

Before and After Fine Lines

Growth Factors act as natural messengers that allow communication between cells in our body. They are the control mechanism for all wound healing and cellular repair. Normal cell division and differentiation (and thereby regeneration) is dependent on these specialised Growth Factors.

Many skin care products on the market contain ingredients that claim to moisturise, protect, soothe and reduce free radicals, pigmentation and redness. Few however offer Growth Factors, which even when compared to prescription medications, are the most effective topical ingredient which re-build damaged. Treatments used to improve the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aged skin (lasers, peels, dermabrasion) are effective because they are able to stimulate the body’s production of Growth Factors.

The application of topical Growth Factors will speed up this repair and return the skin to a more youthful appearance in a very short space of time.

Topical skin care treatments that include Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) stimulate:

  • Tissue regeneration
  • Collagen production
  • Elastic fibres, which give the skin its softness and suppleness.
  • Re-Energising waning cellular DNA synthesis, and triggering our skin’s natural ability to heal making it invaluable against premature ageing.

Synergistic interaction of multiple Growth Factors with other proteins in the epidermis and dermis results in skin repair and regeneration.

Growth Factors applied to the skin surface penetrate the epidermis and inspire your skin to follow its natural process.

Anti-ageing Breakthrough


Lamelle’s unique Dermaheal formulations of skincare products can now apply these Growth Factors directly into the skin using nano-encapsulated Recombinant Human Growth Factors, which are 100% homologues to human protein in the Lamelle Dermaheal range of products.

  • These skin specific Growth Factors are incorporated into the Dermaheal Range and are among the most sought after products on the market, along with Nobel Prize award winning Epidermal Growth Factor (EGf) when it comes to anti-ageing and age-reversal.
  • Nano-encapsulation allows the delivery mechanism to be more effective and reach the point of action deep down in to the epidermis and dermis where other products cannot.

Before and After Ageing


The Dermaheal range is one the most concentrated Growth Factor cocktails available, which dramatically accelerates the remodelling of the dermis and epidermis at a far greater rate and with far greater efficacy than can be achieved through conventional cosmeceutical or prescription medication.

Dermaheal Logo

In addition, Dermaheal is the only range on the market that offers:

    • A synergistic triple skin specific Growth Factor combination using Three of the most powerful epidermal and dermal remodelling factors
    • Is recognised by the skin as naturally occurring with no risk of irritation, while supporting the skins natural regeneration system.
    • Dermaheal’s topical Growth Factors take this one step further, as they are unique and specialised epidermal Growth Factors (EGf) expertly formulated to increase new collagen in a fraction of the time.
    • Even compared to the most powerful prescription medications, no other topical ingredients can display the effectiveness of Lamelle’s Dermaheal EGf’s on the skin
    • Nano encapsulation allows Dermaheal to target skin cells and ageing at a deeper level in the skin. It is like having your own surgeon treating every cell where it requires attention.


The Wembley MediSpa is a proud stockist of the Lamelle range.

*The above information was gathered from the Lamelle Website


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