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Essie Manicure’s and Pedicure’s

Friday 14 November 2014

Five Manicure and Pedicure tips:





Keep Them Short
Nails should reach the ends of your fingers and be square with rounded corners. This is a more modern look, and any colour looks great on this length.

Soften Up
Some of the older kinds of files are too coarse for natural nails and can cause peeling and splitting. Pick one with 240 grit count or higher. Avoid filing nails when fresh out of the shower. Nails will be weaker and more susceptible to breaking.







Choose a Flattering Hue
It is important to select a shade that complements your skin tone. Light skin tones look great with purples or reds; medium skin tones can rock blues or metallics; and dark skin tones can pull off gold’s or deep reds. Corals and gray’s flatter all skin tones.


Go Green
If you choose just one eco-friendly product to add to your manicure arsenal, make it cuticle salve. Because the cuticle is the live part of your nail, it needs the gentlest products. Massage cuticles and skin around the nails with the Essie apricot cuticle oil. Gently brush off excess oil with a soft, moist towel and trim any loose dead skin, otherwise do not cut cuticles Apply cuticle oil nightly to keep cuticles from looking ragged.







Remove Right

Trendy dark polishes—the big ones this fall are chocolate brown, forest green, and deep teal—require more aggressive removing. Standard cotton balls can contain synthetic fibres’ that often can’t absorb rich pigments, so soak a good-quality cotton or rayon-blend pad with remover and press it onto the nail for three to four seconds to soften the polish, the pad straight up and away from your finger in one direction.

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