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Get It Magazine April 2021

Beyond skin-deep

Tuesday 6 April 2021

Meet Dr S’lindile Ndwalane – aka Dr Sli, a superstar Dermatologist who runs the full gamut on the dermatology circuit. In the mornings, she saves lives and cures difficult skin conditions at a busy government hospital. In the afternoons she transforms into a bona fide artist, in the plush surroundings of the SCIN Institute in Hyde Park, using science and technology as her tools to achieve perfect, youthful-looking skin and beautiful faces.

Dr Sli is keenly aware of the importance of a healthy skin, and its resultant influence on a patient’s psyche. ‘The appearance of a person’s skin is an accurate reflection of what’s happening inside their body’, she is known to say.

Get It Magazine April 2021

Click on this link for further information on the formidable force that is Dr S’lindile Ndwalane.

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