Jeanette van Staaden

As the manager of the Wembley MediSpa, Jeanette van Staaden trained and studied Somatology at Isa Carstens health and skincare academy.

After getting her qualification at Isa Carstens she trained with Steiner Transocean as a skincare therapist and worked on board cruise ships for 4 years .After her third contract working on board the largest cruise ship in the world, she was send for management training in London and Miami and got to manage a team of 12 on board a smaller vessel. After traveling the world and achieving what she always wanted Jeanette decided to come back to South Africa and pursue her dream of working in the medical aesthetic industry and to gain valuable work experience within the Wembley MediSpa team.

Jeanette is extremely ambitious and a results driven person. She always challenge herself to learn more about the industry to provide the best service while engaging in a personal relationship with every person walking through the Wembley MediSpa’ s doors.

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