The Lamelle product range is created by the Lamelle Research Laboratories, which is a biotechnology research company that manufactures products locally for the South African market. All Lamelle products that are developed, follow a rigorous programme of review, research and meticulous production.

Derma Heal Range

Most skin care products contain ingredients that moisturize, protect, soothe and reduce free radicals, pigmentation and redness. There are very few ingredients that are strong rebuilders of damaged collagen. Compared to even powerful prescription medications, no other topical ingredients can display the effectiveness of growth factors on the skin. Topical growth factors like the ones in the Dermaheal range increase new collagen in a fraction of the time and with no irritation due to the fact that they naturally occur in the skin. Find out more


Lamelle Research Laboratories has incorporated specialized ingredients into the Clarity and Acneville range to address the four primary factors associated with acne as well as the secondary concerns that include dark marks, scarring and skin dryness. Find out more


Luminesce is a comprehensive yet uncomplicated treatment range designed to effectively treat epidermal hyperpigmentation. Luminesce offers brilliant results in combating epidermal hyperpigmentation, and combination of peptides used in Luminesce will also stimulate fibroblast activity to provide an anti-aging effect. Find out more

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