“Heliocare Works to Turn Back the Sun”

How Does Heliocare Work?

UV [from the sun or from a sun lamp] has many detrimental effects on the skin: it can directly cause DNA damage, and it can create so-called “reactive oxygen species” (ROS) or “free radicals.” ROS are high energy molecules that collide with proteins and lipids in the cell and cause direct cellular damage. This damage is responsible for the effects of UV on skin: premature aging and a prematurely lined and worn appearance.

Heliocare works to turn back the sun. It offers the unique properties of a natural fern extract (PLE). Heliocare provides significant antioxidant properties to care for the skin:
•It increases tolerance to the sun
•It reduces skin changes after chronic exposure to the sun
•It helps maintain the skin’s elasticity
•It provides cell protection in the epidermis
•It protects skin cell DNA

What Protection Does Heliocare Offer?

Heliocare works as a potent oral antioxidant. Heliocare is antioxidants which has been shown to mop up free radicals before they damage important cellular proteins. Heliocare is taken daily. It is active within half an hour of the first dose (unlike many oral antioxidants which take months to build up sufficient levels). Also, because Heliocare is taken orally it is effective in protecting cells deep in the skin – topical antioxidants are usually ineffective in protecting cells at this level. Damage to these deeper cells is responsible for many of the signs of photoaging (e.g. wrinkles).

Studies & Research

Studies reveal that the antioxidants in Heliocare work against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation to decrease sunburn response, including a significant reduction in the number of ultraviolet induced sunburn cells and DNA damage.

Importantly, over 12 years of research has confirmed the antioxidant and photoprotectant properties of Heliocare. It has shown that the agent is effective when taken in capsule form or used on the skin. And it confirmed that the capsule form has no known harmful side effects. Oral photoprotection is now the focus of much attention, and has been hailed as the “photoprotection of the future”.


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