Varicose Veins

Your veins have tiny one-way valves inside them that open up to let the blood through, then close to stop it from flowing backwards.  Sometimes the vein walls stretch and lose their elasticity, which makes the valves weak and they don’t function properly, which make the blood collect  in your veins and make them swollen and enlarged.

The reason that some people Varicose Veins is not known but women are more likely to be affected than men because female hormones tend to relax the walls of veins.  Some other factors can include being overweight, pregnancy, your genes and standing on your feet for long periods causing the blood flow to be disrupted.

MediSpa Tip: To avoid this problem for happening you need to control your weight, exercise to boost circulation and to put your legs up when sitting down.  Please also avoid sitting on your legs or cross them as it makes it harder for the veins to do their job.

Laser treatments with our doctors in Cape Town, Johannesburg & Durban which will requires only local anesthetics and less bruising or discomfort is a better option than traditional surgery.

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