Spider Veins

Medically known as Telangectasia, Spider Veins are tiny swollen blood vessels just under the skin.  They show up on your legs because of the pressure on the vessels caused by sitting or standing for long periods.  They can be red, blue or purple and can develop in cluster like spider’ webs.

They are often genetic, but occasionally they can be the result of trauma, such as deep bruising or surgery.  They are sometimes fed by a deeper-lying varicose vein and an ultrasound scan is recommended before any treatment to check for these.

MediSpa Tip: To prevent the formation of Spider Veins, make sure to get your Omega 3 fatty acids in to stimulate blood circulation.  Garlic believe it or not because of the allicin (that’s the active ingredient) in garlic is also thought to relax blood vessel walls and to make blood less “sticky”, so it’s less likely to slow circulation down.  And red wine for its antioxidants (reoveratrol) propertice reduces the build-up of plaque in your arteries to improve blood flow.

With our acclaimed doctors you can get treated by having Sclerotherapy done and good news for people with darker skin is that Elos eMax one of the few lasers that can treat dark skins is also an option. Read more about our Vein Removal Treatments here.

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