Scar’s and Scar Removal

Permanent damage to the skin can be prevented if acne scarring is treated in the early staged. If an acne lesion occurs and heals it may leave hyper pigmentation spots on the skin surface and is a natural part of the skin healing process.  This can take up to a year to be completed.  If not recurring scarring takes place in the same region, the skin will heal naturally.   If however scarring occurs, permanent skin damage can be the result.

MediSpa Tip: To prevent permanent damage because of acne lesions not healing properly, one should minimize unprotected skin exposure to sunlight.  It is also important is to avoid scratching of the area and pulling of the scabs. To remove the scab before healing has being completed, the healing process will be delayed and permanent scarring may form.

There are topical applications which include AHA to help the skin to remodel and other treatments involve Retin-A.  Anti-oxidants have also being noted to help with the healing process.

Permanent acne scarring can occur if the inflammation continues or healing processes is interrupted.  Deeper scars can become permanent when the follicle walls are broken and infection material flows into the skin dermis.  Damage to the skin occurs and more radical treatments may be needed.

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