First of all – Acne has nothing to do with being dirty. Acne forming effects people in  their early teenage, and young adult years, and to a lesser extent people in the middle age group.  It’s caused by hormones (the male ones) that stimulate oil production. There are different forms of acne, and all of them cause a great deal of distress.

Acne can clear up just to erupt again therefore you have to follow a treatment to the end permanent damage and can be prevented if acne scarring is treated in the early staged. Any discoloring of the skin problem area that is still visible after 12 months can become a permanent scars.

Here are the various acne problems that can be treated by the MediSpa:

1. Whiteheads – These are closed comedones that are formed when pores are blocked, so the oil produced by the skin (sebum) is trapped inside along with dead skin cells. The growth of bacteria starts and the pores becomes more blocked and over-filled and a small white raised lump on the surface of the skin appears.

2. Blackheads – These are open comedones are at the very mild end of the scale but they can often take a long time to clear. Papules are inflamed, red, sore bumps with no head (MediSpa Tip: DON’T squeeze a papule, as it can leave a nasty scar).

3. Yellowheads – These are pustules that are inflamed red spots with a white or yellow centre. (MediSpa Tip: They can be popped, but only when they are ready to burst with a sterile needle, then give it a genteel squeeze. Best after a warm shower or facial. If clear liquid or blood starts to appear, stop squeezing).

4. Large, hard, painful Nodules, that forms a bump under the skin, which can last for months (MediSpa Tip:)Don’t squeeze because it can cause permanent scarring). They should be injected with cortisone which is produced naturally in the body, so you won’t have a reaction.

5. Cysts, which look similar to nodules, except they are full of pus. They are very painful and can leave scarring (MediSpa Tip: To squeeze is not an option because it cause a deep irritation and very painful inflammation, which will last much longer than if you had left it alone).

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