Hyper Pigmentation on Dark Skin

Darker skin tones, mostly black skins, have its own rewards and problems.  The rewarding side is that dark skin is known for being virtually wrinkle-free and not boasting signs of visible aging until much later in live.  That is because the skin is typically more oily and thicker than lighter skins and the dermis is more compact.

Some problems like dark circles in darker skins are more apparent, and harder to camouflage.  Although the skin is thick, the amount of melanin is dense and makes the under-eye area very pigmented. Tissue fillers are the most likely treatment that will work for this problem (as offered by the MediSpa).

Patients can also experience hyper pigmentation from anything that causes inflammation.  Skin breakouts that are in their end stage can leave these kinds of problems. A combination of skin treatments like skin peels and laser therapy is good procedures for this skin type.

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