Bruxism – Teeth Grinding

Simply defined, Bruxism is the act of consciously or unconsciously grinding teeth either during the day or while you sleep. Bruxism is considered both a medical and a dental problem. This is because it affects both the teeth and all of the structure near it, including the head.

Teeth grinding usually happens during sleep and are as common as snoring. People grind their teeth for a number of reasons. Doctor believes that it is because of stress. Dentists say it’s because one’s teeth are not properly aligned with each other.

Even children grind their teeth, and while their baby teeth will be replaced with permanent teeth, adult teeth are permanent and will not change. Therefore, adults should watch out for the complications of teeth grinding and see their doctor or dentist if their teeth are worn, damaged or sensitive, as well as if they feel pain in their jaw, face or ear.

Although Brusim is not a major health issue it can bring about problems like the mouth, jaw and face problems, as well as broken dentures, missing teeth and many other concerns. Teeth grinding habits need to be addressed to prevent further problems developing. We offer a variety of Bruxism healing treatments at the Wembley Medispa in Cape Town.

If you are a grinder you will have signs and symptoms which may include:

1. Clenching of the teeth or grinding your teeth.
2. Possess teeth that are worn down, flattened, fractured or chipped.
3. Have chronic facial pain or jaw pain or tightness in your jaw muscles.
4. Possess chewed tissue on the inside of your cheeks.
5. Indentations on your tongue.
6. Have worn tooth enamel, exposing deeper layers of your teeth.
7. Hold increased tooth sensitivity

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