MediSpa Non-Surgical Facelifts

1. The 3D VOLULIFT-LIPOTIGHTEN® as created by Doctors at the MediSpa.

The 3D Volulift-Lipotighten® is a patented unique non-surgical face lift that defines the art of a true Aesthetic Surgeon.

Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels and IPL + Laser treatments are the weapons unleashed from our arsenal to create this truly unique procedure.

Doctors at the MediSpa created The 3D Volulift-Lipotighten® procedure, or non-surgical face lift, to address the 3 ‘D’s of aging: Devolumisation, Descent &  Deteriorisation. Devolumization occurs from our skin losing the fatty tissue and collagen that create a plump, youthful appearance. Descent is the sagging of skin from age and gravity. Deteriorization refers to fine lines, wrinkles, age and pigment spots and facial veins.

Our Doctors customize every 3D Volulift-Lipotighten® to meet the needs of each patient; however the procedure will typically include a combination of several treatments. Choosing appropriate dermal fillers for volume restoration is part of this delicate art and varies from patient to patient. We use chemical peels and IPL laser treatments for brown spots and veins, and Fractional laser and Botox to address wrinkles.

Our goal with every patient is to create long lasting, natural, beautiful results with no downtime. The Botox and dermal fillers can typically be done in one visit and the laser treatments will occur over a series of months. We developed and customized this procedure to be a total solution to restore every patients’ youthful appearance without the cost, downtime and side effects associated with plastic surgery.


Book a consultation with our Aesthetic Physicians to find out how cost effective it is for you to look 10 years younger.


Another unique innovation by the world class doctors at the Wembley MediSpa is the Volulift® or baby facelift.

Designed for those that need a nip here and a tuck there, this procedure is done in one sitting and will leave your friends asking whether you’ve just returned from a refreshing holiday. Subtly changes to enhance your beauty using botox and dermal fillers, is at the centre of this art form, and will be your secret to carry with you for eternity.

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