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To Laser or not To Laser?

Monday 19 May 2014

During the cooler months we generally forget about our natural “human hairy heating blanket” all around our bodies. Ladies and men included. Waxing becomes an unfamiliar word in our vocabulary and shaving…what is shaving?  Have you ever just wanted to be hair free but just not taken the next step? Let me explain how this thought can become a reality.

As a leader in the industry of laser hair removal, we offer the most advanced laser equipment for hair removal and many other laser treatments. We utilize the world’s number one laser system from the USA, the CUTERA XEO platform.

Let’s have a closer look at the confusion surrounding these hair removal differences:

Most Clinics offering “Laser” Hair Removal, don’t even have a laser, duping people into believing that an IPL (intense pulsed light) machine is a Laser. There are a number of fundamental differences between Lasers and IPLs but the most important is that Lasers are the Gold standard in Hair Removal, offering safe, effective, less painful and far less treatments required than IPL.

At the Wembley Clinic we have the World’s Leading Laser Technology that has won numerous awards for its design and innovative advancements. We constantly hear from our patients that they do not believe in “lasers” because they have had dozens of treatments at other clinics and spent tons of money but still have hair.

The permanency of Laser Hair removal is dependent on ones’ genetics, their hormones and the number of treatments that one undergoes. Hair growth occurs in three distinct phases;

The Anagen Phase – this the active growth phase of the hair which lasts around 3 weeks. In this phase Melanin (The pigment in our skin & hair – and the target of the laser) is most abundant in the hair follicle making the hair most susceptible to the laser treatment

The Telogen Phase – Lasting about 6 – 10 weeks the Telogen phase is the resting phase of the hair life cycle – in this phase no laser treatment is effective as the melanin content of the hair follicle is reduced making the hair “invisible” to the laser.

The Catagen Phase – This phase lasts around 1 week and as with the Telogen phase the laser is ineffective against the hair.

Because each hair on our body is in a different phase of the hair life cycle one requires up to six sessions with the laser for one to achieve total removal of their hair.

This sound rather rewarding as one can start having treatments done in the cooler less active moths and shed those “human hairy heating blanket” once and for all when the lovely long soldering summer days arrive.

Visit us at the award winning Wembley MediSpa to schedule your complementary Laser patch test and personalized treatments schedule to start your hair fee journey.

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