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Thursday 11 January 2018

Male Skin – What every man needs to know

Posted on January 8, 2018 by lamelle







Gone are the days when all a man could do was shave, wash and hope for the best. Men have skin needs too. But ours is a constant battle against time – when it comes to grooming, we must achieve optimum efficiency.

That’s why you should look to the latest and most innovative in skincare technologies, the ones that do multiple jobs at once and offer enough punch in a single pump of product to deliver real results easily and effectively.

Here’s how to supercharge your daily grooming routine without skipping a beat.

  • Competent cleansing
    Yes, you need to use a twice-daily cleanser to keep your skin hygienic. And bonus points for using a regular exfoliator too, for sloughing away dead cells on the surface of the skin. But you only have five minutes, so ask yourself: what else can my cleanser do?
    Lamelle Nourish Daily Cleanse is part of the revolutionary DNA-correcting Nourish range and able to correct skin damage, neutralise free radicals and prevent ageing – while you cleanse. Luminesce Brightening Cleanse is a soap-free foaming cleanser containing pigment-inhibiting peptides to help fight hyperpigmentation and even out your skin tone as you wash. While Clarity Active Cleanse (part of Lamelle’s acne-busting Clarity range) contains salicylic acid along with a host of advanced anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients to treat and prevent pimples and breakouts from the moment you lather up.
  • A superior shave
    Stick to the basics. Don’t shave against the grain. Keep things hygienic by swapping out your razor blades regularly. And don’t neglect your skincare just because you’re using an electric shaver.

For post-shave care, remember the rules: after-shave lotions are for normal and slightly oily skin, balms are best for dry skin, and alcohol-free tonics help soothe oily and sensitive skin after shaving. Gels are great for moisturising and cooling the skin, but note that they work best when it’s hot and humid.

  • Targeted treatments
    Push your skincare into overdrive by adding a targeted serum before you moisturise (it only takes a minute but does years’ worth of good for your skin). Serums are highly concentrated products that you apply directly to problem areas, depending on what your skin needs.

Lamelle HYPERLINK “” Correctives Brightening Concentrate, for example, is packed with melanin-inhibiting peptides to treat hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone. Correctives Hydrating HA Plus contains an advanced form of hyaluronic acid called HAfi fragments for supercharged hydration, while Correctives  HYPERLINK “”Cathepzyme HYPERLINK “” 1 and 2 are such powerful skin exfoliants that doctors and therapists often use them as part of their professional treatments that require a boost in normal skin cell turnover.

Although not technically a serum, spot treatments like advanced anti-inflammatory Clarity Active Control are made to be applied directly to acne, to help calm and heal the skin, while boosting the skin’s immunity to future breakouts.

  • Maximum moisture
    Applying a moisturiser twice a day should already be a habit – your skin needs all the hydration it can get to look and function optimally. But what other functions can a moisturiser deliver at the same time?

For advanced acne treatment, opt for Lamelle HYPERLINK “” Clarity Corrective HYPERLINK “”  AM HYPERLINK “” and Clarity Corrective PM Plus – the retinoic acid ester, growth factors, lactoferrin and copper tripeptide in these soothe skin and prevent acne while you moisturise. Even out your skin tone by using Lamelle HYPERLINK “” Luminesce Brighter Day and Luminesce Evening Glow – they’re formulated to fight hyperpigmentation as they hydrate. To prevent ageing, reach for Nourish  HYPERLINK “”Revitalise HYPERLINK “” Cream with its powerful antioxidants and DNA-correcting enzymes. And to treat existing signs of ageing, go a little deeper with recombinant human growth factor-rich and cytokine-balanced  Lamelle Dermaheal Renewal Cream and Dermaheal Cellular Repair.

  • Savvy sun protection
    We all know by now that the sun’s rays are anything but harmless. And daily sun protection (rain or shine, every season) is the best way to prevent skin ageing, DNA mutation and – gulp – skin cancer, the most prevalent type of cancer in the world.

A specialised sunscreen such as  HYPERLINK “”Lamelle HYPERLINK “” Luminesce Brighter  HYPERLINK “”Defence HYPERLINK “” 30 is great because it helps combat hyperpigmentation while protecting. But do note that scientists now say that protection from UVA and UVB rays are only half the story  these make up only about 50% of the full spectrum of sunlight (infrared and visible light have been largely ignored in the past). And there’s proof that even SPF 50 can only protect you against 53% of the damage that the sun can really do.

To get better protection, you need formulations that are made to cover a larger part of the spectrum of light, such as Nourish Multi-Active Sun 30, which comes with powerful antioxidants and added 80GG-1 to prevent against oxidative stress and repair indirect skin DNA damage. The ultimate protection, however, comes from Lamelle HYPERLINK “”  HYPERLINK “”Helase HYPERLINK “” 50, a revolutionary sun protection product that is so powerful it can actively correct new and existing DNA damage while protecting you from the full spectrum of solar radiation.

  1. Next-level skincare
    If you haven’t done so already, book yourself an appointment with a skincare therapist or doctor. A skin assessment takes around one hour, but it’ll do the world’s good for you because your doctor or therapist will advise a tailor-made skincare regimen for you.

Sometimes advanced skincare requires using a combination of products and treatments, and only a qualified professional will be able to give you a customised treatment plan.
Once your skin is taken care of, feel free to experiment with new fragrances to find your signature scent – updating your scent from floral notes in summer to heavier woody scents in winter is a good call, but you need one signature fragrance that’s so you. And don’t forget to keep your facial hair neatly trimmed  – if you’re sporting a beard or moustache – plus, add a beard oil to the mix to keep yours in top shape.


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