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Healthy Eye and Lash Care Is a Must for Luscious Long Lashes

Thursday 7 July 2016



Besides looking good, lashes have a crucial role in the health of eyes.

Eyelashes play an important role in protecting the eye from foreign bodies, they sense when something is near the eye and stimulate the blink reflex which is protective.

A lash can last about three months before falling out and can take two months or more to completely grow back.

We are born with a set number of follicles and this doesn’t change as we age. Although some lashes may fall out over time, we essentially have the same number of lashes throughout life.

Why We Lose Lashes

Time and abuse can damage lashes, so that they fail to grow in as thick and long as they did when we were younger.

Much like other hair, eyelashes naturally fall out once they have finished their own life cycle. Other factors can have an impact on eyelash loss, much like loss of hair elsewhere. These include alopecia, eyelid inflammation and chemotherapy.

You can be your eyelashes’ worst enemy. Wear and tear can result from rubbing or tugging at eyelids, sleeping in mascara (the stiffness can break lashes), and wearing water-proof mascara, which can be drying.

Look after your lashes by being careful not to pull them out or rub your eyes too often. If you rub your eyes because they feel itchy or uncomfortable, make sure you visit your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist to find out what’s irritating them so it can be treated.

Usually the process of removing mascara, especially waterproof formulas, is a problem. Long-wearing mascaras also tend to be more stubborn to remove and result in aggressive lash handling.

The lash root is very delicate and lashes can easily break due to our daily habits.

Lash Care Tips


Try these tips to keep your eyelashes in good shape:

  • Use a gentle remover and pat or dab at the lids rather than rubbing or pulling
  • Never tug at lashes
  • If you use a lash curler, make sure you’re not pulling on eyelids at all
  • If you want to remove clumps from mascara, do it when the mascara is still wet and easy to comb through
  • Throwing away old mascara will also help keep lashes – and eyes – healthy. Otherwise, germs can contaminate the mascara and lead to infections. Mascara should be replaced every two to three months.


Eyelash Conditioning












Just like you condition your hair, you need to condition your lashes. A simple way of doing this is to put a thin layer of Vaseline over your lids at night.

Lash conditioners can also have benefits. They usually contain proteins like keratin or biotin as well as moisturisers to strengthen and moisturise lashes. The proteins coat the lash to reinforce it and the moisturisers help keep lashes supple.

A conditioner can help stop breakage so your lashes look longer in a matter of weeks.


A few more lash tips…

General tips for everyday eyelash care:

• Thoroughly clean your face including the eye area before going to bed every night.

• Use cleansers specially recommended for eyes or even baby oil and clean the eyes gently with damp cotton wool to remove any dust or makeup.

• Avoid plucking or waxing the eyelash area.

• Never use soap to clean your eyelashes.

Eyelash curling:










• Curling your eyelashes can make them seem longer and also make the eyes look bright and larger.

• Clean the lashes before using the eyelash curler. Clamp the curler down firmly but gently and close the base for about 5 seconds and then release it gently.

• Replace eyelash curlers every 2 – 3 months if you use on a regular basis. You would reduce the possibilities of infection and contamination drastically.

• You can use a hair dryer under the curler but make sure that the hot air does not strain the eyelashes or burn it due to excessive heat.


• This is used on the eyelashes before applying makeup. It makes the tiny hairs look thicker and longer.

• The primer is usually a white colour liquid and may be available separately or come with mascara.

• You should wipe the wand with a clean tissue before applying the cream to the lashes.

• For best results, start at the base as close as possible to the eye lid and then give a zigzag motion upwards until you reach the end of the lashes.

• The lashes have to be fully coated with the primer and become dry before applying the rest of the makeup.

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