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Just Jade Blogger – Lamelle Beta peel with Tasneem.

Thursday 15 November 2018



My skin journey just like so many other people’s is a daunting one, it goes up and down and one can never just seem to find a solution, until now. A few months ago I went on holiday to Bali and upon return my entire chin and and cheek areas broke out with massive pimples that were quite painful. Like a gift sent from the heavens I was approached by The Wembley Medispa to try one of the peels and I was more than willing. At this point I would have tried anything as my breakout wasn’t clearing up at all.

I set up a consultation ASAP and then went in to meet the team. The therapist that treated me is Tasneem, she did an amazing job in making me feel extremely comfortable. We then discussed that I would need to do a series of three different peels to get my skin back to a healthy state. These peels are all non-evasive and you’re able to go back to your daily life the very next day.

After the consultation we then proceeded to start the process of the first peel. Below is what my skin looked like before we started the peel.



The first we did peel was called a Beta Plus treatment. The Beta Plus formulation it’s effective for the removal of black and whiteheads as well as congestion. It’s also extremely anti-inflammatory and will calm aggressive inflammatory reactions in inflammatory acne. There are two concentrations of this treatment, Beta Plus 15% and 20% and both are applied in the same way. With my peel the Beta Plus 15% was used.

After the treatment my skin will felt hydrated, plump and glowing. A little redness is normal – especially if you have active papules and pustules (pimples). This will resolve within a few hours or the following day. The very next morning I had already noticed a dramatic change, all the pimples on my chin and cheek were reduced significantly in size. I was extremely impressed with the results and at the end of the 4 weeks before my second peel, all my pimples had cleared except for a tiny on that was left on my chin. I was blown away by the results.

Skincare instructions post peel: 

Protect your skin by avoiding sun exposure and apply your sunscreen every morning. No treatments for 14 days on the treated area. This includes waxing, peels and laser or IPL treatments and micro needling. Do not exfoliate for 10 days after the treatment. This includes toners and cleansers that contain alpha hydroxy acids. Do not pick your skin. Allow extracted areas time to heal.  Only start using your retinoid (Vitamin A) containing products on the evening of day six after the treatment.

Home Product Suggestions for Problematic Skin & Acne: The Lamelle Clarity Range & Acnevelle oral supplements (these are available for purchase directly from The Wembley Medispa)



By the time we did the second peel, all my pimples had vanished except for one. I was so impressed and excited by the results, I couldn’t wait to do the second peel. It was four weeks after my first one and the day finally came in which I had to do my second peel. I once again visited The Wembley Medispa and Tasneem did her magic.

The second peel was a Beta Peel treatment, it is used for its effect on the lipid found in the corneum of the skin. This self-neutralising formulation is also effective in black and whiteheads and congestion. There are three concentrations of this treatment, Beta Peel 15%. Beta Peel 20% and Beta Peel 30%. The latter is only performed in skin care units where there is a doctor involved. 15% was used during my treatment. During this peel there was a bit of tingling but the sensation didn’t last very long and the fanning that Tasneem proceeded to do during the process really helped to subside the slight burning sensation.

This treatment will cause some dryness of skin and flaking. I didn’t experience too much dryness of the skin, I was quite happy with the results. The treatment is completed with moisturiser and sunscreen application.



With the third peel Tasneem used one layer application of Beta 20% with the use of retinol 0.3%. We went slightly stronger with this one as I wanted to peel more with the final treatment.

How it Works:

In cases where more flaking is required the skin care therapist might decide to add Retinol to your treatment. This might be done in skin where the pigmentation is resistant to treatment or where the skin is not peeling adequately to see results. The initial Beta Peel treatment is the same, the after care products (moisturiser and sunscreen) are however replaced by the application of Retinol 0,3 serum. This needs to be left in place for 8 to 12 hours.

With the final peel I experienced way more peeling compared to the second one, I was happier to do a stronger peel for my final visit.

Below is an image of my skin before I had the very first peel done and the second image was right after the third peel was done. I was extremely impressed with the results and would absolutely recommend any and very one having problems with their skin to go for a consultation and have The Wembley Medispa help you reach your skin goals. It’s now been just over 2 months since my last peel and I skin as stayed healthy and hasn’t had any breakouts since, other than for the odd pimple here and there. My skin is healthier, smoother and pimple free.

I would like to continue this process and get rid of all my pigmentation problems, it is suggested that you have a peel at least once a month to main the skin. Here’s to all our skin journeys and getting glowing and healthy skin.




Here’s to all our skin journeys and having glowing and healthy skin!

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