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Areeba Blogs about Intraceuticals Facial experience

Wednesday 6 September 2017

Areeba, a brilliant blogger “Areeba Artistry” has done a great blog on Intraceuticals Facial she had done with Tasneem

Hey guys!

My skin has been feeling amazing and a huge reason for this is the recent Interceutical facial I was treated with by Wembley MediSpa.

The treatment focused on clarifying and brightening my skin as well as lightening pigmentation (sounds like a dream right?!).

I was greeted by the friendly staff and once I had filled out a form, I was sent to a beautiful room and Tasneem started to explain the procedure. (Tasneem – a well-trained and experienced therapist, infused a tailored mixture of products into my skin through the use of the specialized delivery pen and machine.)

The most important ingredient for modern day skin care should be hydration; Interceutical facial does just that with the 3 step Hyaluronic layering system. My skin tends to dehydrate extremely fast, a lot has to do with the current climate and because of it, I struggle to keep my skin hydrated (Tasneem also told me that the skin on my forehead and nose are both congested and I should exfoliate more often in those areas).

She started with a cleanse – no facial should begin without a cleanse!

  • The first step was to revive my skin. This means rehydrating it.
  • The second step was to replenish my skin; this step helps manipulate my skin to keep hydrating on its own once the facial is complete.
  • The third and last step in this facial is Hyaluronic acid, in combination with vitamins and antioxidants, is then used to hydrate the skin, increase firmness, improve the look of facial contours and reduce lines on the face.

The skin is cooled and calmed, as oxygen under light pressure is used to instill the specialized serum into the skin.

I saw the difference almost immediately, but the real results started showing a week later. Can I just say how IMPRESSED I am? My skin is tighter, firmer and so radiant. I am literally glowing! Thank you so much Wembley MediSpa! I am definitely going back for a facial again in the next 4/6 weeks.

A special thanks to Tasneem, she was so friendly and made the whole procedure extremely comfortable.

Click here for the link to their website, all the information can be found there :)

All the love,


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