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Pigment Lightening

Friday 11 October 2019



NEORETIN is a daily skin lightening regimen for melasma, spots and uneven pigmentation. Ingredients in the Whitening Booster System act to inhibit all stages of melanin production, whilst the new RetinSphere technology has the efficacy of retinoids without the side effects.


  • suitable for skin which does not tolerate HQ or when HQ cannot be used
  • works in combination with skin lightening procedures (peeling, IPL, fractional non-ablative laser, dermabrasion)
  • is excellent for use post aesthetic procedures
  • GELCREAM contains a high SPF of 50 for daytime use
  • has a special formulation which ensures full skin coverage and rapid absorption
  • is extremely-well tolerated



A rapidly absorbed concentrated fluid with an exclusive combination of anti-dark spot and anti-ageing technologies. Its formulation features a system of 6 powerful actives which intervene in all phases of melanin production and synthesis, thus ensuring optimal pigment control. The combination of this system with the exfoliant and regenerating properties of the innovative RetinSphere technology provides a clearer, brighter, more even skin tone, visibly reducing the appearance of dark spots. Apply morning and/or evening after cleansing to face and neck. Use of a sunscreen is recommended.














An easy-to-apply and rapidly absorbed emulsion with active ingredients which work together to prevent and reduce dark spots. The GELCREAM stimulates epidermal exfoliation and regeneration, inhibits melanin formation, and provides essential high UVA/ UVB protection, ensuring complete care for dark spots and/or photoaging, leaving the skin clearer, brighter with a more even tone.Apply in the morning after cleansing to face and neck. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.



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