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Lash Lash by Lamelle

Wednesday 17 July 2019



Pelobaum Lash Lash Eyelash Enhancer











Pelo Baum Lash Lash is enriched with exclusive peptide complex which helps to improve the appearance of natural eyelash length, fullness, and thickness. Lash Lash is an effective solution for thinning lashes and is a go to eyelash growth enhancer.

Our bodies naturally use peptides to promote new hair follicle production, keep hair in growth phase to grow longer and also to keep hair healthy and stop them from dying and falling out. The scientist that developed the Pelo Baum and Lash Lash products have been able to manufacture these same bio-identical peptides.

What does this mean to me?

Your body recognizes these peptides and will respond to them in the same way that they would to your natural peptides. There is very little risk for irritation and no risk for complications when using Pelo Baum Lash Lash.

If you use the product and stop it the effect will last for a few weeks and maybe even a few months depending on how long you have used the product. Your lashes will be thicker and longer with a natural look.

Lash Lash can also be used very successfully on brows that have been over plucked or waxed to help stimulate growth. It can be used with lash extensions in place to maintain the condition of your own lashes as it contains no oils.

Who would use Lash Lash?

Anybody that experiences thinning of lashes, wanting to have thicker and longer lashes, needing to protect fragile or damaged lashes, needing to grow back lost hair in the brow area. This product can be used on the top and bottom lashes.


It is a new level of Lash enhancer that is the perfect pick-me-up for thicker, longer, and fuller lashes. This product will allow you to see visible results within 4 weeks with no limitation of sex and age in use and no side effects. This product is patented and exclusive peptide complex for lash growth.

Direction for Use

Apply Pelo Baum Lash Lash to the root of upper and under eyelashes. Make sure you do not touch your lashes until the serum is absorbed to the skin thoroughly. Leave it on overnight while you sleep.


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